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While you search for a service, Google displays the local businesses that are in their Ad words database. Have you seen the search results when you search for a product? There also Google displays ads of specific products with all the details and descriptions. You can find most of the ads display the items from Amazon or other shopping centers. Google Shopping advertisement is the service name that will help you to display your products in that space.

Your question here can be – why will Google show ads of your products instead of showing that from Amazon? The simple answer is – Google has no idea about what is Amazon or any other sites. They only check the proper metadata and meta-titles along with merchandise details. If your product has got the essential description or the details, then the ad will not display the item from Amazon, rather will be showing your products.

Hence, all the things depend on the choice of keywords, the addition of meta-title and meta-descriptions and of course the right images. If you can make that happen, then your e-commerce site is going to get the most from Google Shopping advertisement. We are having the right kind of services that you need, standing at this point in time. We will be arranging the designing aspect of your templates, your images and also schedule the contents of your ads, so that your products can show up in the list, replacing the others.

Services that you will get from us

  • - Everything here is dependent on the merchandise account of yours with Google. Unless your account is properly synchronized, your products will be not be identified by Google. This is the first area, where we are going to provide you the best service.
  • - The next area is regarding the title of the items, which you will be placed in the merchandise account. We will be dealing with those and will be inserting proper keywords in them so that they can be identified by Google.
  • - Description of the items is the ultimate thing that Google searches for. If it identifies the right item by tracking the title of it, then it will try to go through the details and the specifications. If the crawler gets satisfied with the description, then it will display that in the shopping ads section, but if not, it will omit out the elements.
  • - Finally, comes the image part. Google will not only show your product alone, but it will show similar items in the display area. Now, if your image is not at par with the other similar product images, it will discard your ad. So, synchronizing the right image with the right product is the final thing that has to be taken care of.
  • - We, being highly professionals and used to with Shopping advertising, are very much the choice of yours to serve you in this case. Along with all the things that have been stated above, there are different other aspects, where we also look at –
  • - We make the e-commerce site of yours synchronized with that of the Google Shopping Ad. Thus, your campaign at Google will run parallel with your own site. You will be paying for one and the service will be available at all the places.
  • We will also be nourishing your items with CRM and hence your products can be accessed at different levels at ease.
  • - In terms of lead management, we are highly experienced to give you the ideal service that you need. So, choose us and make the most out of the Google Shopping ads.

Make it well performed /strong>

There are two other things that are to be checked out while using Google Shopping Ads –

  • - Performance of the product – the customer reviews are been considered here by Google to come to the decision. We will be taking care of this part too, ensuring that there can be no other reason than the product itself so that customer reviews always remain high.
  • - Dealing with the bids – This is the second aspect where you will have to win the race. We are highly experienced in dealing with the Google shopping ads and hence are perfect to give you the specific idea about how to deal with them to find the bid for yourself.
  • - We also work with feed data, which has immense importance in making the ads work well in Google Merchandise. Once they are well synchronized with Google, the effect of the same is going to help your items in the store too. Thus, your own e-commerce platforms will also flourish, as a result of that.
  • - When we are there, you have no reasons to think about the leads. You will get the best possible leads and that is a promise from our side, which we deliver, keeping our experience and ability at the background.
  • - We will be maximizing your revenue income too and won’t allow you to stop with the leads only. For that, we will be monthly optimizing the ad elements and also will be checking out the campaign status as well as take care of the reviews.

Choose us finally

Thus it is clear to you that Google Shopping advertisement is the most perfect tool to showcase your items out from your store. They are highly effective and excellent to generate positive sales, which will eventually transform into conversions that would turn into revenue income. We are in fact the only company in this aspect to give you assured support here in terms of generating the perfect leads.

When we are here, there is no way that you will be spending unnecessarily on anything. Our professionals and the dedicated advisor for you will suggest you every important thing that you need to follow for the success. Just stay with us and give us the opportunity to serve you. The success you will get and the huge benefit you will find will naturally motivate you to recommend your friends to us. This is the reason why we are the best and why we are chosen all the time, by our clients.

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