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While you go for Google Ad Sense, you find the ads to be displayed on the web pages of yours – in the form of banners or skyscrapers or in another format. Each time, you look at those, you start feeling how good it would have been if your company ads would have been shown there. Now, the ads are not of Google, but of some other companies. So, definitely, there must be some way to get there with the proper channel of enlistment, the Network that fixes that is called the Google Display network.

The difference from Ad Words

Do not get confused about the Google Display and never ever match them with the Google Ad Words. While Ad Words defines the display of your company and other aspects in the search results, this is not the case with Google Display.

In the case of Ad Words, your ads are displayed with the search results. It depends on the keywords you have chosen and also reverts on the location from where a search has been made. This is not the case with the Display Networks. In this case, the ads are not dependent at all on the searched keywords or locations. The ads are fixed and they will be displayed in the way, which will be decided by Google.

How do Google Display Networks work?

  • - First of all, you will be selecting a campaign and then decide the keywords that will best explain your business or your company.
  • - The process in which it performs requires from you some of the best-going formats, which is usually mentioned in the form of pixel size.
  • - Either put those in the form of skyscrapers or in the form of vertical banners or been in the format of square or rectangular ads sizes.
  • - Now you will have to declare the URLs of your destination site. You can upload one website link for desktop and another one for your mobile device if you have such separation in your service.
  • - Finally, you will be uploading 1:1 image and their count is not more than 3.

The format of Google Display Ads

Now you must be going through the details of the format that you will have to declare in the case of ads. Here are the details of the format that you need to mention –

  • - At the beginning mention the Short Headline which can be till 25 characters
  • - Then goes the longer headline, where the character amount admitted is 90.
  • - Insert a description below it, where you can also include 90 characters.
  • - Your entity name comes then in the form of Business details. There you can enter the name within 25 characters.
  • - After you complete these details, you will be disclosing the Final URL of your business, click where your website will get the visitor.
  • - In the end, as we mentioned, you can add 3 images that will be used as the logo of the ad. The entire thing will be accommodated within the main ad feature.

There are some additional options for you to add in the ad too

  • - If you are having a template designed to be displayed in the place of ads, you can give the URL of the same and there you can include 3 parameters too.
  • - Final URL of the business, if you have a different one for mobile devices, can be uploaded at ease.

Benefits of using Google Display Networks

You are now clear about what the Google Display ads are, where they will be shown and how they are shown. However, there are several features in this product that you will like to know as they will be very much handy for you for your access –

  • - First of all your ads will be displayed to similar pages only. As you choose the different niches where your ads will be displayed, you will find the same in those pages only. Thus, a chance of the clients to click on your ad is much more.
  • - Secondly, you can show the ads not only on the basis of searches but in the pages or other websites. This will create for you natural Back-links that will essentially help you in lifting u the page ranks o yours in the Search engines’ list.
  • - The ads that are shown are responsive and hence can be displayed easily in mobile devices too. Considering that, the Display network’s support is much more specific than that of the Ad Words.
  • - You can run different campaigns on the ads and that will help you to display the ads at more and more places, depending on the campaign choice of yours.

Target the right websites

You can get the option to target the viewers too. There are three options, among which you can choose anyone – Demographics, Topics, and placements. In the first method, you can choose the nation, whose websites will contain your ad. In the case of topics, you can choose the niche. Here the ads of yours will be displayed to all the websites working on that niche. Finally, your ads can be displayed according to placements. If you decide that your ads must be displayed in some of the specific websites alone, which can also be done there. in each of the cases, you will be running a campaign of a number of clicks. As you reach the clicks, you will again have to renew the same and get the ad updated.

Choose us for the service

The service of Google ad words is now known to many, but this concept is very much a fragile one and there is very much less idea of the clients about this. There lies the need to give the assignment in the hands of some experienced agencies and here are we to assure the best support for you so that your investment gets the right direction and dimension to bring growth for your company. From deciding the targets till finishing the templates, we will assist you in all possible ways to make the total effort of yours very much fruitful.

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