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Advertising on the internet is the trend today, but what about the leaflets and pamphlets? What about the hoardings and other things? Do you know that these print materials are much better for an advertising agent than that of the internet? Internet ads can be opted out, but printed ads can never be. Tecmyer are the company name that provides you the best advertisement design service in entire Australia. Just reach us and feel the difference we will create for you in your ad service.


Why go for Print advertising?

Print advertising reminds you about the old days, and many a time, you simply omit the print advertising elements, just because they are an old concept. However, from time and being, creative print advertisements design service has proved to be the best medium of advertising, overtaking the newer concepts. Here are the top reasons, why print advertising has still not been abolished by the advertisers –

  • -People today get the least time to waste. The only waiting time they find is while waiting a minute for the buses or the trains. Hence, a display of the ads on the bus stand or the station is what the passers give a look at.
  • -Excellent creative print advertisements design service, while availed to curtain out the exact service of your business on the print ad, gives a perfect overview to the viewers, while the creativity of the design attracts them at the ads.
  • -The response that you get while you put the ads, supported by some print advertisement design service, doesn’t need any checking, any repetitions, and any calculations. Thus it’s easy to be hanged and easy to get responses.
  • -Especially when your company’s service can be availed by a phone call, the printed hoardings or banners works like magic, which the internet ads won’t do.
  • -Say, you are providing the service of office food delivery. A person, who has not packed his Tiffin for his office, after saying the ads on bus stand, calls you fast. This is the magic the hoardings can edge you.
  • -Ultimately, the print advertisement design service is much more cost-effective than any other ads – be it a leaflet, pamphlet, hoarding or banner, it’s very much cost-effective, mostly due to the reason that you will not have to create another hoarding every time. You can use the same hoarding, by simply shifting its location and for that, you will not have to pay a penny extra.

What are the Print advertising elements we provide?

Whenever you go for the printing element designing, the first thing that comes to your mind is the list of the ad designer service that you will avail from the company. Let us tell you that we, the Tecmyer, are always the best in providing the print advertising service, with all set of elements that you look for. Here are the different services that you will get from us –

  • -First of all, we will provide you the best quality hoardings, which will last for long
  • - You can also avail banners from us
  • -Leaflets and pamphlet with different modes, starting from card size to full A4 oil paper format is with us.


Does Tecmyer provide added service?

Tecmyer are not only ad designers. Along with ad designer service, we are very much efficient in providing the following added services –

  • -We will provide you real-time data related to your ads
  • -We will also develop the well-designed and collected data regarding direct queries and will be providing you the same, for your business use.
  • -We will also provide you a complete analysis of the service of yours – you can understand and evaluate how much effective the ads were being.


Why Tecmyer?

Now that you are clear about the services that you will avail from us, your question is – why choose us, among so many companies that are eager to serve you. Tecmyer never claims that they are the best, but proves themselves for the same. This is again not in words and promises, but by keeping the promises we make to you. Here are the guarantees, which we give to all our clients –

  • -We are the best service provider in entire Australia, renowned for the outstanding designs we provide.
  • -The advertisement design service provided by Tecmyer is always unique for all the clients. We believe that each of the companies has its own set of visions and missions and the ads that will go for them must meet those visions and missions. So, our designs are always unique to you.
  • -In this competitive market of ads, where internet ads are winning the stick all the time, it is really tough to find the attention of the viewers at the printed ads. So, we develop the most creative arts in terms of ads. This creativity of us enforces the viewers to put a glance at the ad. While creativity remains the attraction, the element is about your company – so, your company details are sure to be read by them.
  • -We are not the company that is only the print element designer. We are going to give you complete analytics of your ad. This is the specialty of us and this makes us the best choice among all the service providers – as you can make the most from our service.

How to avail of our service?

Tecmyer provides the best graphic design services in the most systematic way and hence you will not have to worry about the procedure at all.

  • -i. You will reach us with your elements and your company details and please mention the objective of yours from the print ad, you need.
  • -ii. Keeping everything in mind, we will be designing the ads and also suggesting which element will be best for you.
  • -iii. As you confirm from your part, we will be creating the ads and our advertisement design service team will reach you for approval. You will approve it and we will print the same and post you for the next part of yours.

So, you learned how Tecmyer enhances their helping hand at you with all the services and value-added support for your company. Why are waiting now? Just reach us and make things different for your company.

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