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Things always remain for a purpose, but your perception can make it different. In the case of Business cards, this statement holds a big ground. You can easily use the business card of your company as an advertising agent, which is bound to be checked by the person whom you offer the card. This is one of the features that can be considered in a visiting card, but you can easily make this the major USP of a business card. Keeping that in view, we design your business cards in such a style that it will act as the key attractive element for your company.


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What to include in your business card?

You accepted the idea to make your business card one of the top advertising elements for your company. Now, your mind is asking one question only – what can be included in the card to make it serve the purpose. Here are the ideas that we provide to our clients –

  • I.–Stating the Company details - State your company’s and your signature properly. This is the basic element of a business card and that cannot be missed out by any means. It must have the company logo and the business entity name at proper header position. We also suggest giving the company name at the top and putting the logo as a watermark of the total card.
  • II.– Declaring yourself – The card can be only for you and can also be for all of your staffs with their individual names printed on the card. Putting the names and their designation with proper synchronization makes the card highly interactive.
  • III.– Be communicative – Declare the website of the company and the service enabled email ids so that the viewer of the card can find and locate you in a proper way. For location purpose, declare the office address of the particular personnel and about where he will be available officially. To state the viewers that you are available over social networks, mention their logos and give the call to the viewer to search you down in the social engines.
  • IV.– Declare your company details – The backside of your business card is the place which acts as the advertising agent. You can declare the details of your company there, but while stating the same, make sure that you will be declaring about the services or products with at least a minimum detail there. In the front side, beneath the logo, we suggest to bullet down the key services or products, so that you can display what exactly you own.

These are the four major things and areas which we suggest to our clients so that their business card can act perfectly as a multipurpose tool.

Other lookout features

Above mentioned are the things that are going to serve your company better with the business cards. However, to make that happen, you need to make the person whom you offered the card to give a detailed look at it. The key elements that we suggest you include in the card, which will act as the perfect tool to motivate the viewer of the card to give a sight at the card, are as follows –

Choosing the colour – This is the foremost thing to be checked out. It is the colour combination on the card that speaks the word. For example, if you are making a card for some Magician, it must have the entertainment appeal in the card, but while making the same for some of the car companies, you can easily make the card fancy looking. This will be better for your viewers to give a glance to the card in details.

Choosing the font – In the case of font, the same justification is applicable. The right choice of the font must be in accordance to the industry type of yours. You cannot use a Jokerman font style on the visiting card of a tea estate. This simple thing is what you need to check out, which we do, once you give us the task to be carried forward.

The card quality – This is yet another thing that makes a serious difference between classes. In fact, this is such an element that determines the class of the owner, whose visiting card has been issued. A plastic card makes it clear that the owner is very much concerned about the longevity of the card. Even after your card viewer faces a shower or similar thing, he will never find your card as damaged in that case.

The Print quality – Quality of the print and use of colour elements in the card, which never fades out, is yet another thing that makes your card viewer find you even after years. In many cases, we found that the person whom you issued a card contacts you after a year or so. The paper cards get damaged by that time, while the plastic cards remain. However, what is the use of the card, if the print on it has been faded? Hence, check out the right print quality. Give us the order and find the world-class print style, which will remain for years.

Typography of the card – This is the last part of the card that we give a high rating. It is all about the alignment of the fonts, the logo position and also the disclosure of the services. Once this part is attentively checked, you can remain certain that the card will have better visibility and that will withhold the viewer of the card and force him to give a glance at it.

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By now, you have gone through all the elements that we include in the business cards and also the graphic design services that we add with it. Another thing you understood surely is the multipurpose use of the card. Keeping a track on those two things, reach us and find the support in term of a business card, which is literally out of your expectations. Our reputation in terms of business card making is very much on to the feet, with lots of big names affiliated with us. Try us and get the best of the best for yourself.

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