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Escalating your website’s hype is competently tackled by search engine optimization services, however, as everything comes-up with two aspects of pros and cons, so as with the SEO services too. Basically, if these are practiced negatively then your website faces a great downfall in its performance due to the subjected penalty, implemented by Google check. Yet, no worries, because Tecmyer is right here with its intelligent tactics offering elite Google penalty removal services, Penguin recovery services, content removal services with entire solutions of depenalization, boosting your website stance at the foremost position in the top-ranking list of Google and all the high-rated search engine platforms.


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What is the Google penalty in SEO?

Eagerness to gain ultimate success within a very less investment of time and hard work brings the wrong direction of SEO implementation. These are the black-hats of SEO, which goes against the ethics and legality of Internet platforms, yet implied acquiring higher website boosting which legal SEO practice brings with more expenditure of time, money, and input. Being an illegal SEO practice Google has programmed an intelligent algorithm analysis to track such laws violating websites, and catch them up with a penalty, to stop them from doing so. Panda, penguin, pigeon, and hummingbird are the commonly used Google algorithms elegantly designed to serve this purpose well. To counter this problem, our promising Google penalty recovery services are practiced for retaining your website's rank boosting efficiency propitiously.


How Do I Know If My Site Is Penalized By Google?

Getting your website stuck by Google penalty is significantly affecting in turning-down its ranking position, that's why it is noteworthy to know if your website is penalized by Google so that timely action can be taken accordingly.  To do so, there are various Google algorithm penalty checkers are available at the online web stuff. Else, some common your website is suspected to show are:

  • A noticeable turn-down in ranking position.
  • Not finding your website on the first page.
  • Getting a noteworthy down-mark in new customers' arrival.

To observe these noticeable progress alterations, you are required to check it via the Google webmaster tool, and Google analytics tools sections. If you are facing such issues, we invite you to contact us we will assess your website keenly, with figuring out a sounding solution for re-attaining its reverence and prolific promotion via digital marketing agency upright Google penalty removal services.


Google Penalties to Rebuke SEO Laws Violation:

Google has smartly programmed proficient algorithms and webmaster rules to point out the contravening websites. This smart management takes place in two divisions, i.e. Google manual penalty, and Google algorithmic penalty.


Google Algorithmic Penalty & Tecmyer’s Bravura Solutions of Depenalization: 

The massive stock of websites at Google needs an intelligent check out to analyze their on-going functionalities are abiding by rules or not. For this, Tecmyer with its reliable Google penalty removal services provides you with a highly boosting website with solving all the malicious issues. 

The webmaster's pre-defined guidelines and instructions elaborate on the whole criteria for practicing your website’s SEO legally. So we keep a wary check that your website never goes against the rules so that it runs smoothly and safely.  Most common penalizing Google algorithms catching the suspicious activities and ranking of your website are listed here with the eminent solutions Tecmyer put-out for your website’s prolific coverage.


Penguin Recovery Services & Google Algorithm:

You might be suspecting that what is the Penguin Google algorithm? It is a proficiently written algorithm to deal with aggressive link building matters. It hits badly and stuck your website functionality at a highly effectual extent. With our elite Google Penguin recovery services, we crack down those malicious impact links and free your website with


Panda Recovery Services Or Content removal services:

Panda algorithm is specialized for marking websites with poor content quality. It certainly locks down your website with empty webpages and thin content embedment. So we make sure your website is full of competitive quality content with 100% claim of zero plagiarism, while doing so, we also, provide Google content removal services to eliminate the penalization causing content so that your website runs with no objection and hindrance.


Humming-Bird Recovery Services & Algorithm:

This algorithm focuses on the search query relating it with your website offering stuff, if it doesn’t find any search content relevant to your website then it will put-down the ranking of your website. For this, we embed your website stuff with meaningful and relevant content, keeping it at the first most position of website ranking.


Pigeon Recovery Services & Algorithm:

It provides a systematic planner for keyword embedment, if the site is not appropriately stuffed with keywords as the Pigeon guidelines describe, and then your website has to face lower-ranking, rather than penalizing it. Yet, we go through a keen and strategic keyword manipulation plan-work, so that your business site retains its top-most stance with sustainability. 


Google Manual Penalty & Manual Actions:

Where algorithms are pre-written programs, Google manual penalty is a hands-on workout for which human Google professionals keep a wary check on the website practicing, and detect if there is any malicious approach or spam existence, for this, they imply manual actions and penalties, such as deleting the whole website or banning your site for a specific time, etc.


Why Do I have a Google penalty?

The definite cause behind the statistical downfall of your website’s performance is your site is deliberately facing Google's penalty. It drop-down it's attaining of top-most promotion for which its highly recommended to be aware of these issues relevant to your website Google penalization: 



Embedding your website with duplicate content is the most influential cause of Google penalization. Content copyright policies of Google webmaster are strict in this concern, and violating this consent will fall your website badly stuck with Google penalization.


Unnatural Links:

If you have been purchasing or selling links and other linking stuff from other websites, to gather more promotion of your website is one cause of penalization. For this, it is highly recommended to follow white-hat tactics by using major social media platforms.  


Website Infrastructure:

One of the most influential reasons is the framework of your website, if your website goes against the SEO friendly designing approach then it will not fulfill all the webmasters' requirements for which it may come under penalization issue. 


Poor Content Quality:

Google is extremely conscious about the content quality of your website, having empty pages within your site, or ignorable stuff can cause, it to gotten hit by penalization.


User-side Spam:

Another possibility is the comment section of your website gets spammed by any of the random users, this will make your website suspicious to Google robotic spam detection analysis, and resultantly your website will be subjected to a penalty.



Hacking is a highly malicious act that comes with 100% assurance to cause your website stuck with penalization.


How long does Google penalty last?

Google penalties vary with their time duration. It is solely dependent upon the context of the illegal act your website is accused of committing, for a less offensive act, the penalties may not last longer than 30 days, and for intensively spamming activity, your website may be penalized for about years of duration. To resolve this issue you are required to submit a request, for which timely action is taken accordingly.


What is Google Sandbox in SEO?

Newly launched websites take some time to appear on the first page of Google top-rankers, it is assumed that this temporary halting is due to a sandbox that acts as an alleged filter to thwart the top-ranking of a newly launched website. Sandboxing is not any official set-up by Google itself. However, it exists as experienced search engine optimizers have approved this happening to almost every new emerging website regardless of any quality matters embedded within the website. Yet, we try our best to reach your website out of the sandbox within a considerable time duration.


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