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We know how to get you more leads since we do it for ourselves consistently.

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Get Every Digital Service Under the One Roof of Tecmyer!

Our master in-house advertising group creates practically the entirety of our leads through natural query items. We have a team of experts who are experienced in each kind of Digital service you need for your business.

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Engagement Models







The hybrid model as the name tells is a "hybrid strategy" move which gives the local project the board and seaward turn of events. This is for the most part liked by big business projects.

Correspondence in your time zone locally

Zero Communication Gap

Practical seaward turn of events

Adaptability to scale case-by-case basis.

More prominent Operational Benefits

Expanded Quality Control


Time and Material

Time and Material model is basically when you hire skilled experts – Designers, Developers or Quality Analysts on hourly, monthly or long term contracts. This is suited for all types

Adaptability to increase or down the group as the need might arise

Work should be possible on single or various ventures

Unlimited authority over costing

SCRUM-based execution. Everyday correspondence and announcing.

Generally appropriate for changing necessities

Devoted Developer on Hire turning out ONLY for you


Offshore Development


Offshore Development Centers (ODCs) are made up of profoundly talented Technical specialists from Tecmyer in a joint effort. Our in-house group capabilities as a drawn-out piece of your own team.

Greatest expense benefits and ROI of the venture

An incredible joint effort of two productive groups

Extension of specialized vertices to track down best arrangements

Added infrastructure for better quality assurance

Shared responsibility to minimize risk